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How can a robot
help my child learn?


An autism robot tutor for improving children's learning outcomes at home.

QTrobot for autism helped my daughter when no one else could – An emotional success story!

QTrobot for autism helped my daughter when no one else could – An emotional success story!

This is the success story of Emily, about how QTrobot changed the life of her family, helping her daughter Kira in learning. QTrobot has been part of Emily’s family for soon 9 months, helping her daughter Kira with special education and through that the entire family. When the covid pandemic moved school online, school became very difficult for Kira and she wouldn’t focus during online classes. Due to the restrictions of the pandemic, visiting therapists was impossible. Therapists could not even come for home visits, so there was no one who could help them. Emily was looking for solutions online and found QTrobot. QTrobot was introduced to Kira already before he came to the house and was eager to meet QT. During the almost 9 months of using QTrobot, Kira has seen QTrobot as her teacher and has enjoyed learning new things. The bright and cheerful mannerisms of QTrobot, as well as his consistent responses have helped Kira to pay attention during the lessons and learn. Watch the video to hear all about how QTrobot helped Emily and her daughter when no one else could. Warm thank you Emily for sharing your story with us! QTrobot is an expressive humanoid robot designed to help children with autism spectrum disorder and children with other special educational needs to learn new skills. QTrobot uses simple and exaggerated facial expressions combined by interactive games and stories, to help children improve their emotional skills. QTrobot also helps children to learn about and better understand the emotions and teach them strategies to handle their emotions more effectively. Learn more about QTrobot for autism and other special educational needs in the link below: Follow QTrobot on: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Instagram: Pinterest: #QTrobot #SpecialNeedsEducation #RobotforAutism

Addressing Functional Behaviors

Social Skills

Social skills are the skills we use to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language and our personal appearance.


Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are the core skills your brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention.

Receptive Language Skills

Receptive language skills are the ability to understand and comprehend the spoken language that you hear or read. 

Expressive Language Skills

Expressive language means the ability to express oneself - showing what it is that you want, being able to make choices, asking and answering questions, etc. This can be done verbally and non-verbally.

Treatment Recommendations

  1. The robot is not intended to replace therapy, but to improve and customize therapy used every day.

  2. Each unit is very short between 5-10 minutes which takes into consideration children who have a very short attention span.

How It Functions

Pre-installed Software:

  • Speech recognition

  • Sound detection & localization

  • Multi-lingual text-to-speech

  • Pose tracking

  • Emotion detection & recognition

  • Image recognition

  • Face detection & recognition

Overview of the Curriculum

QTrobot comes with a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to support autistic children to grow and learn in a consistent and individualized way. The curriculum is:

  • Based on evidence-based methods of teaching including structured prompting and reinforcement, visual support, video modeling, and social narratives

  • Designed by experienced autism professionals

  • Categorized into skill-specific and age-appropriate units to support individualized education plans

  • Involving parents during the interaction to facilitate generalization 

  • Complementary extracurricular activities for extending the practice to the child’s daily life

Curriculum Images
Curriculum Images
Curriculum Images

QTRobot acts as the role of a teacher and interacts with the child as they complete tasks/games on a tablet. Parents are the assistants who use the robot to make requests.

QTRobot provides a consistant approach, teaches a range of skills, and fits into a daily routine.

Interpreting the Data


more engagement during the interaction
with the robot


less anxiety during the interaction
with the robot

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